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We sincerely thank ALL OUR customers, friends ,and their family members, who have trusted sunwest over the last 27 years. 


A Special thank you to the many veterans who have purchased a wheel chair van from us - your trust in us means a lot!


we wish to thank all our veterans for their service and their sacrifices. - please shake the hand of a veteran today and everyday! 


What Our Customers Are Saying! 

Thank You, Richard -and thank you for your service to our Great Nation!

I would like to say thank you, Steve, for how much I appreciate you and your sister Joan,  for the  help you gave us on purchasing a Mobility Van. It was exactly what we where looking for and what we needed.  Your price was very reasonable for us.  I am  also glad to have been able to refer my brother-in-law to you,  Turns out he  bought a Mobility Van from you and he loves his van.  I am also thankful for the help you gave my daughter in purchasing a car from you.  She is very satisfied and  appreciates the good deal you gave her. 

You have treated us like family and I am happy to recommend you to  anybody looking for  a  vehicle . Again, thank you  for everything you have done for me and my family.

............. Richard O. of Yakima 


 Thank You, Bill - if was a pleasure to help you in your time of need!

If you are looking for a reliable used car dealer, or a good mechanic - who are friendly and honest and work hard to problem solve with you - look no further! Steve, at Sunwest Auto Body & Motors will help you find the vehicle you want.  I got the best deal when I saw a car on their lot that I wanted - I drove home with it within a couple hours. They waited patiently for the check to be issued from my bank and showed trust in me. My bank finally sent the funds to them, but Steve was focused on my needs. I highly recommend Sunwest Auto Body & Motors for all your vehicle need, whether for a repair or a purchase.  

............. William "Bill" S. of Yakima 


 Thank You, Patti - and thanking your husband for his service!

My husband, Gary, served in the Marine Corps for 12 and 1/2 years and when the need came for him to 

have to use a scooter full time, I knew I would need to find a wheel chair van to get him around to his doctors, 

see family and still travel.  When we found a Wheel Chair Van  at Sunwest, it was a "blessing", not just for Gary, but for me having to care for him. It provided us with the quality of life that I wanted to provide Gary. 

Sunwest earned my trust right away. Steve, the owner showed sincere compassion for my needs. 

 provided full service and knowledge of the van I bought.

............. Patti D. of Yakima


Thank You, Mary - and thank your husband for his sacrifices and service!

My husband spent 20 years in the service, retired and worked many jobs in the Yakima valley. After much testing, he was diagnosed with  dementia with Parkinson disease and is now using a wheel chair. We knew we would need a wheel chair van to get around.  We found an Ad in the newspaper that Sunwest had Mobility vans. When we went to Sunwest, they didn't just want to sell us a van - they were interested in our story, our lives and spent alot of time asking about our needs. We bought our van from them in 2016.  I will recommend Sunwest to others as you have been wonderful people to us and we love our van. Your warranty has allowed us to bring our van back to you for service.  I dont think we could find better people then at Sunwest Mobility. Thank you, Steve and Joan.

............. Mary W. of Yakima


What Our Customers Are Saying 

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